SCOLAR-The Life of a Plant Cell

日期: 19/01/2024

On the 19th of January, the SCOLAR team once again came to our school to give a very insightful lesson to our P5 and 6 students about the inner workings of a plant cell.

When the lesson began, the students were introduced to very difficult vocabulary, which upon first glance seemed quite overwhelming.  Vesicle? Mitochondrion? Endoplasmic Reticulum?  The teachers from SCOLAR knew what they were doing! They turned a difficult topic into a fun storytelling session.

      Each new piece of vocabulary about plant cells came ‘alive’ in the story and their mission was to protect the life of a plant cell. By injecting the vocabulary into the story, the once difficult concepts were much easier to understand.  The students created their own booklets which highlighted the importance of different parts in a plant cell. In the end, the plant cell was victorious and saved Mr. Nucleus!

NPGPS always welcomes the SCOLAR team to our school and this STEM lesson did not disappoint!  We look forward to inviting them to our school again in April this year, where they will put on a ‘Story Quest’ session for our P2 and 3 students!